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About Us 

When we started, we were just hiring out projectors and sound systems. But things rapidly moved. Over the years, Bradley Zero Lights and Sound continuously grew, developed, learned more techniques, and invested on the latest and emerging AV technologies and the best technicians to ensure you have access to great technology and expertise when you need it. We continue to grow and develop in order to meet our customers expectations.  


In 2000, Bradley Zero Lights and Sounds was established due to a growing commercial installation demand. The digital and multimedia company was started by Bradley, the owner of Bradley Zero Lights and Sound. He is a well-known DJ whose passion is music and creating sounds. He found the best business that suits his skills and passion. Bradley Zero Lights and Sounds company provides a premium supply and services on the rental of high luminal LCD projectors, screens in different sizes and other audiovisual equipment and light and sound systems. 


We are committed not only to providing unique equipment but also to giving the exceptional quality of service by expert professionals and well-trained technicians with our unsurpassed dedication to do our job in exceptional quality and highly artistic manner. 


Our company can provide different types of packages that can suit your events, occasions or company’s need. We have a wide array of talents who are experienced and knowledgeable in multimedia coverage, live entertainment and streaming, and technical directors who can handle each and every aspect of your audio-visual presentations. Bradley Zero Lights and Sounds will surely bring and deliver a quality product, which we continuously drive to perfection. 


Thank you for reading our short story. We encourage you to keep on browsing through Bradley Zero Lights and Sounds to know more about the company and the services we are offering.